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How to select the best ring style and size for your Legal Binders Now

D-Ring BinderWhen selecting whether to use a round ring or D-ring construction in your binder, you need to consider two factors:

  • the number of pages that will be stored in the binder
  • whether the binder will be heavily used.

D-ring binders have 25% greater capacity than round ring binders and also allow the pages to lie flat. They are used for applications that require frequent access to documents and for storage and organization of a larger number of documents in the binder. Estimated capacities for the different ring sizes are:

Ring Style
& Size
Round Ring
Approximate Page Capacity
Angle D-Ring
Approximate Page Capacity
Angle D-Ring
If you use WealthDocx Software
Angle D-Ring
If you use Fore Trusts Software
1" Ring
200 pages
250 pages
Single Person
1 1/2" Ring
325 pages
405 pages
Married Couple
2" Ring
410 pages
510 pages
Single Person
2 1/2" Ring
500 pages
625 pages
Married Couple
D-Ring Binder

The page capacities are calculated using 20 lb. paper stock

To measure the capacity of the rings:

round ringMeasure the ring capacity of a round ring metal by measuring the horizontal inside diameter of the ring.


round ringMeasure the capacity of D-ring metals by measuring the inside straight dimension of the ring.